Cosmetic ear surgery is probably not the most common surgery done in most Facial Plastic Surgery offices, but otoplasty can make some of the most significant differences in how people live the rest of their lives. Most congenital ear malformations occur causing small shape changes in the ear, which have the net effect of making the ears protrude from the side of the head. Until children reach the age of five or six when they come in contact with other kids their age it is not a problem. Peer pressure can be devastating to self esteem and self image of developing children. For this reason we prefer to do otoplasties at an age when children are mature enough to understand that their ears are different and want the surgery yet young enough that they haven't been subjected to a lifetime of peer pressure. Otoplasty can be done at any age, however. When the top of the ear protrudes and the mid portion of the ear protrudes, the ears need to be reshaped and set back. To do this, an incision is made behind the ear, which is hidden. The cartilage is bent and shaped and sutured to keep it closer to the side of the head. The shape is carefully designed to match the opposing side and to have a natural appearance.


Before and After Photos


Before Otoplasty


After Otoplasty