Botox® Cosmetic is simple, non-surgical treatment that Dr. Goldman uses to smooth moderate to severe facial lines in female and male patients.  Many wrinkles are actually creases that have been worn into the skin by making repeated facial expressions for years and years.  These lines are caused by contraction of the muscle under the skin.  Botox® is injected into that muscle to “relax” it by preventing the nerve impulses that cause the contractions.  When this is done – wrinkles just smooth out and become unnoticeable for several months. Our average patient comes back every three to four months for another Botox injection.

Botox® Cosmetic has been used in millions of cosmetic procedures in the United States alone since 2002 when it gained FDA approval for cosmetic use.  It has been used therapeutically to treat a variety of medical conditions in more than 75 countries worldwide.  Botox® should only be administered by or under the direct supervision of a licensed physician – such as Dr. Goldman who is a board certified surgeon and is an expert in the use of injectable treatments. 



  • Botox® Cosmetic provides a safe, effective wrinkle treatment for men & women
  • Botox® Cosmetic produces a smoother, more youthful “less angry” appearance
  • Botox® Cosmetic is one of today’s most sought after anti-aging treatments
  • Botox® Cosmetic is an in-office – "over lunch time" treatment
  • Botox® Cosmetic has been used for several decades in countries all over the world
  • Botox® Cosmetic results are visible usually within days after your treatment
  • Botox® Cosmetic is minimally invasive – and there is no downtime
  • Botox® Cosmetic injections should be performed only be a licensed physician or under the direct supervision of one (state laws vary) – such as Dr. Goldman
  • Note that each patient is unique and your results may vary


Using a very small micro-needle – Botox® is injected, in very small doses, into the muscles that cause the severe frown lines.  The untreated areas are not affected at all. Some localized pain, tenderness and redness and/or bruising is normal and to be expected at the injection sites.  This goes away very quickly in a couple of days.  Camouflage with mineral makeup is very effective in covering bruising if bruising does occur. Your results will be clearly visible in a few days to weeks.  Injuries to skin are not helped by Botox. 

Dr. Goldman is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who is specialized in and focused exclusively on procedures of the head and neck.  He is an expert in injectable treatments and has performed thousands of them. He is a facial plastic surgeon you can trust your face to!


Before and After Photos

Frowning / Scrunching Before Botox® Frowning / Scrunching Two Weeks After Botox® Injection


Smiling Showing Crows Feet Before Botox® Injection Smiling Two Weeks After Botox® Injection 


Do your gums show when you smile?  There is a nonsurgical treatment to help this.  A Botox injection can relax the smile muscles in your upper lip thereby keeping your lip from exposing your gum when you smile.  Botox can also be placed into the lip to help soften the "smoker's lines" which are caused by the lip muscle contraction.   

 Before Botox® for Gummy Smile Two Weeks After Botox® for Gummy Smile